Faith, Fear and Fans

New York Mets fans are a special breed of sports fans: cynical with unwavering loyalty. Anyone who has followed the  Mets knows what its like to be a fan of such a painstakingly frustrating team. Faith and Fear in Flushing delivers the view of two true Mets fans who bleed blue and orange. In 2005, Greg Prince and Jason Fry started the blog and began telling the stories that newspaper beat writers cannot. The view from the press box of Shea Stadium was much different then the view from the Upper Deck. Faith and Fear puts that idea into perspective.

While it may not be the most widely read Mets-related blog on the web, Faith and Fear sets itself apart in content. Prince and Fry are very blunt with their intentions for the blog. Their slogan embodies this: “The blog for Mets fans who like to read.” The two writers do not simply recount the daily toils of the game, but instead provide a true reaction to the realities of being a fan of the team.

Faith and Fear’s slogan

With a consistent post every day, Faith and Fear leaves out the cliches of most baseball blogs. There are no lineup updates. There are no box score recaps. And you will not find many twitter scoops on stories. What you will find is the material underneath the surface. Posts are not always inspired by what happened on the diamond the night before. More often they embody the sentiments of the writers and even the readers themselves. A recent post by Prince (shown below) told the story of a reader whose fanship began later on in his life after discovering his father’s own loyalty to the Mets.

A new visitor to the site may not see this charm immediately. The layout of the blog is simplistic. White background with black type, links to other blogs, and a calendar feature. There is very little aesthetic flash and a lack of multimedia elements. However, the draw is in the content. The posts are as personal as they are informative. The comments section is where we see the true meaning of the blog to its readers. In a recent post entitled “Death Spiral,” 60+ comments accumulated with a significant amount of reaction from the writers themselves. This then is the attraction for a Faith and Fear visitor. You come for a pure, unfiltered view of the Mets from two writers who have admittedly suffered through the worst times in franchise history yet have persevered to bring their views to the readers. Oh, and you come because you like to read.


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