Multimedia on the Diamond

The thing about sports is that they stimulate all the senses. This includes baseball. Most fans want to see the flash of the glove and hear the crack of the bat. With different types of multimedia available for use on the internet these days, blog readers are expecting more and more interaction. This means embedded videos, a plethora of pictures, and related audio.

A striking feature of Faith and Fear in Flushing is the blog’s lack of multimedia in general.  Scrolling through weeks of post, a reader will be hard pressed to find any use of video at all in the blog. The blog will frequently link to outside video recaps on for example, but will never use it as a focal point of a piece. There may be many reasons for this exclusion, my best guess would be the writers main focus on the writing itself. A video may detract from the reader’s experience during a Faith and Fear post if the video distracts him or her from the intimate details included in the post.

While they are not included in every post, pictures are fairly frequent among the pages of Faith and Fear. If they are used at all, they complement the written post, and are rarely ever the focal point. Many times, the use of photos captures the theme of “fan.” A post from a few weeks ago entitled “It’s Who Ya Know,” captures idea by it’s use of photos.

Photos from “It’s Who Ya Know.”

In the post, Prince includes photos of a game through the fan’s eyes, connected to a story about a young Mets fan named Ryder Chasin, who invited Prince to his bar mitzvah after reading his book. If this does not scream “fan connection” I don’t know what does. Overall, the pictures are one’s any fan would snap while taking in a game. It is an addition that adds to the overall intimacy of the blog itself.


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