The Personal Touch

Amidst the baseball banter and some occasional Yankee mockery, the guys at Faith and Fear in Flushing truly support their niche community. In this case, that community is the entire fanship and family of the New York Mets. As I have harped throughout my time posting in this blog, Greg Prince and Jason Fry are true fans, and with that comes a great deal of compassion.

I want to focus on a couple of recent posts by Prince that truly exemplify this. “Hope Shining for Shannon” is mostly an informational post regarding fundraisers for Shannon Forde, a member of the Mets communications office who is battling stage IV breast cancer. Instead of just posting the details, Prince personalizes the situation, which also has a personalizing effect for the reader. He writes, “You meet some of the nicest people you know when you blog about the Mets.” Off the bat, the subject becomes real for the reader. In many ways, following a blog formulates a relationship between the reader and writer. The reader trusts the writer and his or her opinions. Prince’s compassionate language and pleas for Mets fans to rally around Shannon are stronger to me because of the idea that he writes like a fan. He knows that Mets fans are a community and posts like this help to foster that feeling.

“Think about some of the nicest people you’ve ever met at Shea Stadium or Citi Field or, really, anywhere. That’ll give you an idea of what Shannon is like. “- Greg Prince, “Hope Shining for Shannon”

Another post from a day earlier entitled “The Lady Behind Home Plate,” also captures this fan compassion found within Faith and Fear. A shorter post for Prince, it commemorates the life of Bo Field, also known as “The Mets Lady.” It is a touching post celebrating a loyal fan who was known for helping the Mets win the 1986 by “rolling her arms” to distract Red Sox pitchers.

These posts are  great example of what sets Faith and Fear apart from other niche baseball blogs. The need to go in depth about current events in the sport does not always exist. To constantly make connections with fans and readers this blog constantly discusses human interest stories like these two. These connections are what makes it special for a fan to follow the Mets and belong to that community Prince and Fry add to with their blog.


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